Studio 360 /

WNYC, New York's NPR radio station, contracted me to rebuild the front end architecture for Studio 360, their radio show and podcast about contemporary culture. I made the sale, wrote the statement of work, and developed the new front end architecture. I took care to deliver accessible and fully standards-compliant page templates that exactly accomplished the visual design, and wrote clear documentation to facilitate their future adaption. The HTML, JavaScript, and CSS handled all common browsers old, new, and not yet invented.

Making the sale and achieving and maintaining customer consensus was great practice for my current career as Product Manager. The experience performing so many roles — from Front End Architect and Web Developer, to Account Manager, QA Engineer, Technical Writer, and Client Services Engineer — enriches my perspective leading front end development teams. Bridging the client-facing and technical aspects of projects serves me in my function as Sales Engineer.

The successful completion of this project led to an expanded contract to rebuild and redesign WNYC's