Daylife API

The Daylife API

The Daylife API provided flexible access to the powerful news analysis and classification engine at the root of the Daylife cloud publishing product suite. It was the ideal tool for digital media publishers and application developers seeking insights into the latest English language news and photography, and for fetching content hosted in the Daylife cloud. It was used by hundreds of customers for a wide range of purposes around the world.

As Client Services Manager I was product expert, evangelized its benefits, presented sales and training demonstrations, served as Sales Engineer and Technical Account Manager, shepherded integrations, collected user feedback, ensured client satisfaction, and supplied the voice of the customer to the product team. This experience was directly applicable to my career as Product Manager, particularly as Product Manager for Reuters Connect Web Services, the Reuters Pictures API, and the Reuters U.S. Elections Service API.

You can watch a video introducing the Daylife API here: