Reuters Connect API

Reuters Connect API

Reuters Connect Web Services is the API delivery option for searching and retrieving editorial content. It powers over 100 customer applications and internal systems. It provides the ability to collect items with great specificity and speed. As its Product Manager I set its direction, managed its development, and guided its integrations.

Use Cases

The API is flexible and supports a wide variety of applications. Here are just a few:

  1. A web console for browsing content from targeted channels using filters and search terms, and downloading selected items.
  2. A production tool that quickly creates videos from content it collects matching trending topics with minimal human effort.
  3. A car system that plays audio reports related to the driver’s chosen interests.
  4. A customizable module for a financial terminal that presents breaking news to traders.


Calls to the API may be made via a simple HTTP request. Here are a few examples.

Get all Text channels in your subscription:

Get a list of items on a channel:

Get a specific item:

Get a list of items on a channel matching a specific keyword in its headline:

These only scratch the surface.

The complete documentation is available here.