Captain Lucas contracted me as their Front End Developer to rebuild, their digital publication about design, technology, culture, and style. I developed the new front end architecture and integrated it into a Movable Type content management system. I took care to deliver accessible and fully standards-compliant page templates, wrote easily updatable code, and provided clear documentation. The HTML, JavaScript, and CSS handled all common browsers — old, new, and still on the horizon.

Coolhunting is an efficient lean startup and I was an independent contractor, so in addition to delivering the front end development, my work included winning the sale, drafting the contract, testing the code, writing the documentation, supporting its integration, and satisfying the client — of course. Besides Web Developer my responsibilities included aspects of Account Manager, QA Engineer, Technical Writer, and Client Services Engineer. My ability to wear many hats serves my career as Product Manager; it's a natural requirement of the role. My breadth of experience lends useful perspective leading front end development teams. My client-facing skill is a prerequisite as Sales Engineer.

The successful completion of this project led to three additional contracts for Captain Lucas, as Front End Architect for,, and MTV's