Reuters World Cup White Label Hosted Solution, Data Modules, and API

World Cup White Label Hosted Solution, Data Modules, and API

The Reuters World Cup White Label Web Publishing Solution flexibly and easily integrated breaking news and live updating data from the 2014 World Cup into web sites and applications. It solved the technical and editorial challenges digital media customers faced collecting, packaging, and delivering the outstanding news, photography, data, and graphics Reuters produced to cover the events. This was our second use of the White Label Web Publishing Platform. We built upon our success employing it as our solution for the Winter Olympics. I was the Product Manager of the platform and led its adaptation. We generated over $500,000 serving 29 customers in 11 languages — left-to-right, right-to-left, alphabetic, and character-based.

The white label solution was sold in three packages: 1) Total Connection: a versatile and highly customizable hosted solution that delivered the latest news and data in a web site that responsively adapted for displays as small as mobile devices; 2) Results Connection: customizable embeddable JavaScript modules that responsively displayed live data and the latest content; 3) Flex Connection: a flexible API that delivered live data and current news for fully custom applications. A secure web administration console enabled customers to configure their products, and for Reuters to administer the platform and customer accounts.

As Product Owner working within an Agile development framework I specified the requirements, wrote the user stories, created the wireframes and prototypes, designed the adaptation of the administration console and its user experience, set the development priorities, owned the product in daily standups, presented sales demos and served as sales engineer, led product training sessions, guided integrations, provided the highest technical external interface, coordinated technical support, and supplied the voice of the customer. We built the product in New York. Our journalists reported from Brazil. Our sales team, support team, and customers spanned the globe.

In a true test of the White Label Web Publishing Platform application design, we were able to quickly adapt it for the World Cup while its first iteration was still serving the Winter Olympics.