Daylife Select and SmartGalleries

Daylife Select and Smart Galleries

Daylife Select and Smart Galleries were innovative cloud publishing solutions for breaking news sites to easily deliver up-to-date editorial content. Select was a lightweight and highly customizable web publishing system for creating automated topic pages and microsites. Smart Galleries empowered photo editors to easily curate slideshows and custom galleries that automatically updated to display the latest images matching specified criteria from their photography subscriptions. They were economical SaaS answers to the technical and editorial challenges digital media publishers faced collecting, packaging, and delivering the most current and relevant news and photography. They powered many of the most important English language news sites around the world.

As Client Services Manager I was product expert, evangelized their benefits, presented sales and training demonstrations, served as Sales Engineer and Technical Account Manager, shepherded integrations, collected user feedback, ensured client satisfaction, and supplied the voice of the customer to the product team. This experience was directly applicable to my career as Product Manager, particularly as Product Manager for the Reuters White Label Web Publishing Platform.

You can watch videos introducing the products here:

Daylife Select

Smart Galleries